ON PROCESS: How I Make Pt. 2

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Transparency is so important. I have a lot of awareness around the way the things I buy are made and look to buy handmade, ethically made, and small business-made wares whenever possible.  
Here's another story about how things are made around here.
This is my soldering station (and my soldering Buddha :) When I'm not working on castings at my bench (see my previous post!) I am inspired to melt down and reuse all metal waste from my previous designs whether it be castings or fabricated pieces and form them into new creations.
It feels good to me to minimize the waste and repurpose parts like the ends of wires and the sprues from castings. And it feels good to me to embrace the beautiful imperfections of the jewelry making process and the uniqueness this can bring to each individual piece.
I let this be part of my process and look for these moments of rawness when I am creating something new or a one-of-a-kind. If I can hold on to a perfect imperfection all the way to the final piece, my eye likes it better and it feels more like "me"
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