Kind words from beloved customers...

You know right away when you see Amanda’s work, that these beautiful, shiny, organic objects were designed and crafted by her talented hands. I love that her designs reflect and complement the naturalness and purity of the elements she works with. Her pieces have become a part of me, and in a way, they too tell my story. My AH pieces are celebrations, commemorations, and life’s reflections. I wear my AH rings, earrings and necklace for that extra je ne sais quoi, that subtle feeling of radiance I didn’t know I was looking for.
- Courtney H.

Besides the completely stunning and timeless aesthetic of AH, I love the sophisticated, confident and solid nature consistent across all AH collections. In each piece you can feel the imprint of where the artist molded and shaped metal in such an organic, feminine and powerful way. These are special, heirloom worthy pieces that I covet and plan to carry across generations. As someone with multiple pieces shared across myself, my spouse and our circle of friends, wearing pieces is an honor—like a tribal signifier symbolizing connection to others, to the earth and metal, and to the maker/designer/artist. Collectively, we honor the goddess AH providing these gifts of creativity, artistry and beauty. I shop AH jewelry because these are stunning, timeless pieces that make me feel radiant and special, and at times, fancy! I love that these pieces are shaped by a true goddess herself—I can feel a transfer of her thoughtfulness, artistic vision, and care through each of her pieces. It is an honor to behold and showcase AH jewelry, and I plan to for a lifetime. 
- Ingrid D.

Amanda provides so much thought, love, and craftsmanship to her pieces. I first saw her jewelry at West Coast Craft where I purchased the vision solitaire in black diamond and have acquired many pieces since then. The jewelry is always the best quality and the diamonds selected are always sparkling. I also love that I can stack a lot of the rings together to make the perfect stack.I love that the gold and diamonds in Amanda's jewelry are sustainably and ethically sourced. It's good to know that I'm supporting a small, local, woman-owned business, and not an industry that puts profit over people. 
- Virginia A.

I love how each Amanda Hunt jewelry piece is so intentional—from the shape, use of metal, the story/inspiration behind it, and the name—and how it resonates with me. The pieces I own feel like my own personal talismans that I wear every day and are a part of me.I shop Amanda Hunt Jewelry because of the quality, care and attention that goes into creating each piece. Each piece is effortless and special, and I love that I’ll have these forever.
- Jamie C.

I first fell in love with Amanda Hunt 14k gold stackable rings. I love being able to create my stack from all of her different stones and bands. My collection has grown, and I never take them off. Most of her gold is recycled, and Amanda’s aura and being makes me love her jewelry even more. There’s nothing better than wearing a piece that comes from a lovely soul. 
- Traci P.

I love that Amanda Hunt jewelry is made with intention and is inspired by nature. I love the organic designs and how they look when I wear multiple pieces at once.  I feel the powerful earth energy, reverence, creative fire and love in every piece and I wear them as a talisman everyday. I feel the difference in my spirit if I leave the house in a hurry without my Amanda Hunt jewelry. They are a reminder to me of beauty and art and nature and help me to reflect my own true nature into the world with more confidence. I shop Amanda Hunt jewelry because it’s my favorite jewelry line. I love how often new collections and designs are released that reflect the way Amanda sees and appreciates the world around her. I love that I am supporting a self made business woman who sculpts each piece by hand and puts so much love and care into what she does. I like knowing that my dollars and my energy are going towards a person that makes the world more beautiful and donates to many wonderful charitable causes. Amanda gives back to the community and collaborates with other artists to create more connection and community. 
- Natalie S.

I LOVE this jewelry. I can’t remember how I initially found it, but I have been a follower ever since. I love the idea of thinking of wearing this jewelry as adorning my body, as you have said before. I found that beautiful. It is hardy and keeps up with my rather “rough” life, as I work with livestock. It keeps me in touch with my feminine even when I’m fully in my masculine, and I love that. It’s beautifully simple, and yet oh so classic. The simple gold/bronze rings I wear remind me of looking at my grandmothers hands as she worked with the same sheep I tend to today. I can’t say enough about it, and will continue turning my friends and family onto this jewelry. Love love love!!  
- Bianca S.

All the pieces are sooo sensual, elegant and have a very unique, special touch to them. I wear something from Amanda every day and get so many compliments. These pieces make me feel so feminine and divine. The more I wear them, the less I can be without them. It's become quite an addiction.I shop Amanda Hunt jewelry because I know there is a beautiful woman (inside and outside) behind this gorgeous line and she runs it all by herself. Her craftsmanship is excellent! She is truly a wonderful artist!! I completely trust Amanda and know that everything that comes from her hands is top quality and she uses the best materials. It's a pleasure to correspond with Amanda and she is very attentive to her customers.
Brigitte K.

I loved the Open Heart Ring the moment I saw it online, But not until I unwrapped it, did the full expression of “open hearted” hit me like a ton of bricks and make tears stream down my face. Just putting it on my body cracked something open in my heart and I feel lighter. I never knew jewelry could be medicine. The piece is so stunning and just what my physical/ mental/emotional bodies need. A reminder to keep my heart open. I am honored to wear it and bonus, Amanda donates from each piece. Also I hung the Rumi quote on my sacred reminders wall.
- Tracy