On a River, From a Lake, By the Sea

Nature asks us to come still...and listen. It is in this place that we being to find the answers to everything.  

During the creation of this collection, I found space to visit the Pacific Ocean, The Russian River, and the lakes of Gold Country in California with the intention of aligning myself with the natural movement of these living bodies of water. The ocean ebbs and flows, the river always runs forward, and the lake holds and nurtures life with slow moving calm. Taking this time to be quiet and listen allowed me to carry this meditation home with me and incorporate these movements into my creative process and my hands-on work for this collection.

From the tiny delicate River Studs to the solid yet fluid form of the Flow Cuff, I carved and formed this collection with an undercurrent of constant movement and smooth yet imperfect curves and shapes. The pieces feel like liquid on your body and are meant to be easy everyday adornments.