Timeless symbols of love, luck, and remembrance.  

Nōdo: Italian for knot, bond or tie.

The Nodo Collection is an exploration of knots. The bonds that tie us to ourselves, our loved ones, and our history. Knots have appeared in many different cultures since ancient times. The knot can represent the unbreakable bond and eternal connection between two lovers, they can be a symbol of remembrance and good luck, and it is thought that the Incas used a series of knotted cords to pass along stories, myths, and songs. In form, knots surround and keep safe. They tie us to that which we hold dear. They can tell the story of what matters to us and what we wish to hold onto, and also what we are unwillingly bound to, and must untangle.

Each knot of the Nodo Collection was hand formed in wax and then cast in bright bronze or sterling silver. Each knot echos the movement and flow of the art of tying, preserved in the indelible medium of metal .

Timeless symbols of love, luck, and remembrance.