At this time I am not accepting orders for 100% custom designs. But many pieces in my collection are customizable in terms of simply altering an existing design.

You can request a quote for a different karat of gold, color of gold, surface texture, or stone.

Unlisted sizes can be accommodated in gold only. 

Please note, I work only in white, rose, or yellow gold, sterling silver, and bronze.

All stones are ethically sourced.

Production timelines may be extended for customizations. 


I get asked about this a lot! In some instances, I can recast your metal into one of my designs, but it does not offset the cost of the design.
Reusing metal is actually significantly more labor intensive.

If you are looking to offset your costs for a new purchase, I recommend selling your jewelry to someone who specializes in gold exchange or using a service like to sell your gold as a finished product.