How I Make Pt. 1

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Here’s a little story from a messy little workshop! About half of the jewelry I create is made like this...

An original design is born out of wax...carved or formed by hand by me. I use lots of different kinds of wax...soft, hard, melted...They all produce different effects in the final piece.  

Then comes the casting...I am a trained caster and I did all my own casting for many years. But as my business grew I needed help! Now days I take my original carvings to the best one woman caster round these parts, Jena Hounshell.  A great woman, master caster, and friend. She casts my waxes in metal and makes a mold for me of the originals. (Another thing I used to do all by myself, but a girl needs HELP sometimes...) With the mold, I can make more of my original designs (and share ‘em with you!)

After casting, these raw pieces of beautiful metal come to me and my one assistant Alayna. Alayna is a powerhouse...a dancer, mama, dear friend and benchjeweler. She has the most attentive eye to detail and precision and works from her home in Nevada City in between taking care of her new baby boy, Rio.

Together and apart, we spend many hours de-spruing and smoothing out these pieces of lovely metal and then I alone make them into jewels for your fingers/wrists/necks/and earlobes. Soldering, setting stones, and polishing with all my love and passion. This is my soul, my love and life. I do a lot but I can’t do it all alone and I’m proud of the mutual support I share with the women who make my business possible. Transparency...

Next up, the other side of my business, the one if a kinds...

From the workshop

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