Amanda Hunt - November 14, 2022

FW22  |  The Sorella Collecion

Sorella: Italian for sister

The Sorella Collection is an ode to the kinship we feel with people, places, and meaningful objects.

This collection was inspired by my trip to Southern Italy in the summer of 2022.  A journey I took to explore my roots and connect with my ancestors of that region. You can read more about that trip in my previous post "Love Letters to Italy" HERE.

The Sorella Collection pays homage to the architecture and adornments of Italy, reimagined into subtle shapes and personal talismans. Each piece from the Sorella Collection was hand formed in wax with my signature smooth yet organic texture, and then cast in 14k gold, sterling silver, or bronze. 

The heart of the collection, The Fortuna Necklace, was partially repurposed from a vintage heirloom and reformed with an original hand carved backing and bail. Dea Della Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of Good Fortune, moves forward with intuition and ease and brings luck and trust in the midst of the unknown.

I am so happy to share this intimate collection with you and I hope these special talismans  foster your own kinship with the people, places, and objects that are dear to your heart. 

Ti amo!



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