Lisa Anderson Shaffer is the true definition of a renaissance woman. She is a photographer, a talented fiber artist for her brand Zelma Rose, and author of the book, These Three Things, a modern daily journal to encourage beauty and reflection. These Three Things features her unique photography developed from a desire to isolate beautiful and unusual natural found objects and family heirlooms to better appreciate their narrative. "Lisa's photographs capture objects in a field guide like style under a "microscope" of light and examined vulnerability." Below Lisa talks tools, art, and practicality.



 What is your craft?

I am a fiber jewelry artist, photographer, and author. 
What are your 5 most used tools of your trade?
1. Canon Rebel with 50 mm lens. 
2. Brass tweezers
3. Blackwing pencil
4. Grandmother's scissor set
5. Large rubberband
Do you have a tool that’s unique, an heirloom, or holds special significance for you? 
It took me years to realize that I'm not good with pliers, which is hilarious because they are essential to any jewelry maker. I would fumble using them, never being able to get the right pressure or grip to do the finishing work. When I started getting behind the camera again and photographing found objects in nature, I needed to keep tweezers with me at all times. Often to pick up a recently passed insect, or a fragile decaying leaf. One day I just started using them to do the finishing work on my jewelry. Sometimes I use two sets of tweezers at a time in place of pliers, but a good solid pair of tweezers feels more natural to me than pliers. 
If you could talk tools with another artist, maker, or crafts person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Keith Haring. His understanding of positive and negative space is so enviable. And it seemed to come so easily to him. There is a freedom in his work to be in the moment and listen to the composition, let it tell him where to go next. I struggle with this trust and faith in my work and direction sometimes. I would love to watch him start in one corner of a canvas or a wall and just follow along until it was filled with imagery. I wish my mind worked like that. 
Check out Lisa Shaffer's beautiful fiber art online HERE and her original prints and book THESE THREE THINGS HERE and on instagram @zelmarose
Photo by Lisa Anderson Shaffer


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