Jalama Dyes


1. What is your craft?

I am a natural dyer!
2.  What are your 5 most used tools of your trade? 
Good pruning sheers for foraging dye, dye spoons, cheesecloth and strainers , cast iron and aluminum pots, mortar and pestle.
3.  Do you have a tool that’s unique, an heirloom, or holds special significance for you? 
I really love the way spoons and cheese cloth transform overtime and the ones I've had for a long time are very special to me, but the most unique tool I use would probably be this large Japanese strainer for ramen noodles. Its the perfect size for straining out a whole pot of plant matter!
4.  If you could talk tools with another artist, maker, or crafts person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Timber framing and woodworking that requires joinery has always been very fascinating to me because it requires so much precision, structural knowledge, understanding of woodgrain, physical strength and patience. Its very different than all of the art forms that I work with like dye and painting. Also all of the different chisels and saws are pieces of art in themselves!
You can shop the beautifully dyed garments of Jalama Dyes online at and follow along on instagram @jalama.dyes
Photo by Jalama Dyes

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