Tom Adamian of Corner Project Ales

What is your craft?

I am a cook


What are your 5 most used tools of your trade? 

My chef’s knife, utility knife, mortar and pestle, salt and fire.


Do you have a tool that’s unique, an heirloom, or holds special significance for you? 

The tool that holds special significance to me is the mortar and pestle.  It’s an old world tool that can probably be traced back to the stone age and, in my opinion, belongs in every kitchen.  The mortar and pestle are responsible for creating the marriage of flavors.  In use, it is loud and crushing, yet rhythmic and soothing.  Very similar to how I enjoy my music.


If you could talk tools with another artist, maker, or crafts person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

If I could talk tools with another artist...Starting a business, I would want to talk with chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia, Whiskey Dry, and Milkwood in Louisville, KY.  More than speaking about knives or tweezers, I’d want to talk about the tools he’s used to open three successful restaurants while being a father and husband.  Being the father of two young boys is a rewarding yet immensely difficult job.  Starting this brew pub has proved to also be an incredibly challenging venture.  So before we talk about kitchen equipment and tools I’d like to hear and share stories of that journey.  For me, being a chef can only truly be realized once you create a space, an environment, a work life that is your own.  Because then it isn’t really work, it is your life you are living.  I think there are some important mind tools needed to get to that point and Edward Lee might have a thing or two to share about it.


You can find Tom and his family-run brew pub Corner Project Ales in downtown Geyserville, CA or online at @cornerprojectales


Photo by Tom Adamian

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