Workshop Playlist: Love, All Ways...

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A little random fact about me...before I was a jeweler, I was a dance teacher.  For 12 years I made playlists every week for my classes.  Depending on the season or the feeling I wanted to evoke, I would choose the songs accordingly.  I loved that part of the job, and I feel like I got pretty good at it after a while.  I honed some serious skills on how to make a good musical arc and how to create a consistent tone and mood through music.  
When I stopped teaching I missed this weekly musical meditation journey I used to go on.  So I am bringing this back in a little way on my Spotify.  Follow me on Spotify to hear my collection playlists and my current workshop tunes.  Here's a little soundtrack I made for Valentine's Day called Love, All Ways...
Music Workshop Playlist

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