I love that one of the pros of social media is that friendships can be forged from miles away.  I met Sofija of Studio Oma this very way and was immediately enamored by her beautifully hand beaded jewelry, desert palate, and the intentions she weaves into each piece. I immediately got myself a pair of her Snow Moon Earrings in all white...simple and intricate but woven with a blessing and intention  to honor the snow and all it has to offer us- inner stillness, quiet and deep reflection to name a few. Below, Sofija talks about her tools and inspirations.


What is your craft?
I make handwoven, beaded jewelry and objects.
What are your 5 most used tools of your trade?
Size 12/10 needle
Braided beading thread 
Nylon thread 
Swan scissors 
Do you have a tool that’s unique, an heirloom or holds special significance for you?
I have a flat woven basket that I bead on. I found it in a thrift store when I first started beading and every single piece I have made since then has been created on this basket. It’s allowed me to transport my projects from my desk, to my tea table, to the riverside and beyond. I will always have a special place in my heart for this object & the freedom it provides in my craft. 
If you could talk tools with another artist, maker or crafts person, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?
It would be a dream of mine to sit down and talk with Georgia O’keffe. Her work is so inspiring to me & her approach and artistic process is so closely aligned with mine. She lived and created so fearlessly, and that way of being in the world is something that I am always striving towards. 
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Photo by Studio Oma

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