Godseye Oils creator and self-taught perfumer, Natalie Rose Silva dreams each fragrance, spray and butter into existence by honoring her sacred prayers for a long, healthy, happy, beauty-filled life for everyone.

I've known Natalie for many years, and the integrity with with she conducts her life and her business is endlessly inspiring to me.  Always honoring mother earth with every step of her process, she takes the time to source only the highest quality ingredients - plant-based, organic, pure, rich, wild crafted and always non-synthetic.

Her unique process of creation combines inspiration and ritual and the end result takes you on your own journey through scent and memory, into the true heart of yourself. 

Below, Natalie shares her tools and inspirations. 

What is your craft?

Natural Perfumery


What are your 5 most used tools of your trade?

Glass pipettes
Glass beakers and graduated cylinders
Leather Notebook
Meditation and prayer
My nose


Do you have a tool that’s unique, an heirloom, or holds special significance for you? 

My notebooks are everything. I write all of my formulations in beautiful leather notebooks. When I’m working with these essences they can take you on such a deep and magical journey and if I don’t write down what I have done it will be gone! Poof! 

My notebooks are my spell books and they hold every spark of inspiration and every drop of plant medicine that I can attempt to put into words and formulations. 


If you could talk tools with another artist, maker, or crafts person, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I actually have had the chance to talk to this dream person! Mandy Aftel! She has taught me SO much about natural perfumery and her methods and her tools. Natural perfumery is a rare and lost art. I feel honored to have learned from the queen herself. I would love to talk to her more about what Leonard Cohen smelled like ;-) 

  You can explore Godseye Oils' natural perfumes, sprays, and butters on her site here
And follow her journey on Instagram at @godseyeoils
Photo by Godseye Oils

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