Spirit Weavers Gathering

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Returned home today from Spirit Weavers Gathering and I’m finding my way back into the cadence of my life.
What I thought would be a simple experience turned out to be a beautiful and transformative journey. A journey wide with emotions, true connections, sisterly love, and shared wisdom on many levels...some difficult to put into words, but still present and continuing to change me in ways I am so grateful for.
Brought home some new knowledge of myself and a new tattoo to remind me. (Not shown here and still healing, thank you Finley! (Mothmilk)
After taking some time this week to commune with nature and speak the language of the elements I’m happy to announce the release of my new Aqueous Collection online this Friday as well as a new website. I feel even more connected to this collection after this recent time spent emerging myself in the wisdom of the river, sky, fire, and earth. Love to all the women I crossed paths with this weekend, I can’t wait to see you all again!
This is the only photo from my time at the gathering...a moment by the fire in my Kundalini Gown and special jacket by Mira Blackman with custom embroidery by Arwyn of Township 31 




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