The world is beginning to change.  
I am on the journey with you.
As a company who cares deeply about people and the earth, It has become clear that caring about self expression and the environment cannot be separated from the fight for racial justice.  Over this past month I have been attending protests, donating, listening to the voices of BIPOC, seeking education on how I can be a better activist and ally, and making changes and shifts in my business moving forward to better support and elevate BIPOC.
As a person and a small company of one, I promise to hold myself accountable to be more intentional in my focus on diversity within my imagery, with the people whom I collaborate, and with whom I choose to hire for the various jobs I outsource.
Black Lives Matter. Black Beauty Matters. Black Art Matters
I  believe that Black Lives not only matter but inspire beauty, wisdom, and creativity.  I believe we can work together to better support the Black community, BIPOC, and specifically BIWOC.
Moving forward I will be making monthly donations to two organizations doing wonderful work to transform Black lives.
I feel strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to feel and celebrate their own beauty and express themselves through art.
The Loveland Foundation is an organization focused on providing healing for black women and girls.
We Wield The Hammer is an organization that provides metalsmithing courses for women and girls of African decent.
Please check them out and see the good work they are doing.
Beauty is inside us all and for us all.
Thank you for being on this journey with me.
I love you. You are all beautiful.

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