My Story

I grew up near the beach in LA and spent many summers driving, camping, and backpacking the west coast of North America with my parents and younger sister.  Exploring these deserts, trees, waters, and mountains left a lasting impression on me and instilled a love for the stories that reside in the natural world around us.  

This connection to nature, and its organic, imperfect beauty has stayed with me since those childhood adventures and continues to influence the jewelry I make. Designs that echo mother nature’s simple, feminine, and timeless forms. 


I embrace the beautiful imperfections of the jewelry making process and the uniqueness this can bring to each individual piece. Celebrating the natural tones and textures of each metal, each piece is cast or fabricated by hand and intentionally made to look as if it came right out of the earth. 

I use ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals for my castings and am inspired to melt down and reuse all metal waste from previous designs into new creations whether it be castings or fabricated pieces.  I hope to inspire your connection to nature’s stories and in turn your own story. 



 Photo: Eva Kolenko