I an so happy to introduce the new style of Birthstone Talisman Ring for Spring of 2020.  I love offering birthstones as a way to honor your birth month or the birth of a loved one, but also as a way to bring the wisdom of specific stones into your life as needed.  Whether it be love, creativity, or serenity, each gemstone embodies its own unique wisdom and symbolism.



Since this release of Birthstone Rings is a redesign of my previous offering, I wanted to show you how the new rings are different.  While still maintaining the stacking style of the ring, I set out to make a more comfortable design that highlighted the stone even more.  At 2mm, these stones are little and sweet, but the redesign really allows them to pop!
Birthstone Talisman Ring Comparison
New vs. Old 
On the left: The new design with lower profile

Top: The New Design

Smoother texture on the new band. Setting lets in more light for the stone.


Bottom: The Old Design

 Hammered texture on the band.

Less light entry for the stone.


Gemstones can embody healing properties and ancient teachings, and each can inspire you in a different way. Hand made to order and available in 14k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver, these little beauties are perfect for personalizing your ring stack or gifting to a loved one.

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